Digital marketing takes a lot of planning and execution, but it’s necessary to use these tools when looking to gain more exposure.

Every company requires an online presence to be successful. This includes a real estate company.

If someone wants to sell their house or buy a house, they’re not searching for your company in the yellow book. They’re looking online.

It’s easy to want to hire someone to boost your online presence. But anyone can take digital marketing tools and use them to increase brand awareness and sales.

But where do you start? Check out these great tips on using digital marketing for real estate.

Create a Great Website

There’s a lot that goes into a great website. You want to have a professional design that includes all of your information and how customers can find and contact you.

User interface and user experience (UI/UX) are essential parts of having a great website. You want all important information to be on your website, but displayed in a way that’s convenient for your website visitor.

The design should match the readability of your website.

But there are other factors that contribute to a great website; a perfect example is a mobile-optimized website.

Your potential customers will more than likely access your website on their phone rather than their desktop, so make your website looks great in mobile view.

So how do you create an amazing website? You can outsource a website designer. But if you’re on a budget, there are several themes to choose and resources to use.

Organic and Inorganic Advertising

Organic advertising (or non-paid) is when you utilize SEO strategies (keywords, link building) to boost your performance in search results.

Inorganic (or paid) advertising is when you pay for ads. These can be ads displayed on the top of search engines, on websites, and you can even pay to advertise certain keywords.

Utilizing both digital marketing strategies will increase your chances of leads and exposure.

An important factor in digital marketing for real estate is using local SEO. Using paid and non-paid keywords promoting the city your company is based in will drive more local customers to your business.

While major search engines such as Google is where you’re looking, don’t forget about social media. Purchase ads on Facebook, utilize hashtags and even pin images of houses.

Make Sure All Advertising is CTA-Rich

‘CTA’ is an acronym that stands for ‘call-to-action.’ This is the button where you subscribe, receives newsletters, and even make a sale.

Your CTA will determine if your leads are truly working.

Start using your information in your CTA. Mention your real estate business, how many homes you sold, and your contact information. Have a convenient ‘contact’ form so your website visitors can send you an email.

Want to boost digital marketing for real estate even further? Feature any press you received, awards and recognition, and even some positive feedback.

Offer this CTA on your website and all over your social media. There are plenty of customers who are interested in buying or selling a home but make them intrigued by your real estate business.

Home buyers ASAP

Use Marketing-Specific Software

Ideally, you want a large following when you use digital marketing for real estate. You have email subscribers, social media followers, and plenty of daily website visitors.

When you achieve this goal, you need some advanced software.

Examples include customer service representation, email marketing tools, social media platforms that allow you to post on multiple social platforms, and software that tracks your ad performance and keyword use.

These tools are essential because it will help make your marking initiatives a lot easier.

Utilize Content

Remember how organic advertising was mentioned? The best way to gain search engine results is by creating great content.

This may take time, but it’s a great first step in advertising your brand. Start writing blogs optimized with keywords that are powerful and relevant to your company. They don’t have to be long and in-depth.

You can even start blogging by promoting your company, describing yourself as a real estate agent, and describing your services.

Content doesn’t have to end at writing. Invest in a good camera and take pictures and video. You can even quickly do this with your smartphone and upload the media on your social platforms.

When customers see the homes you’re selling, giving a small online tour of the house design helps them become personable with you before they even meet you.

Keep Up with the Latest Technology

Our technological society is constantly coming up with impressive software and add-ons.

But what do those have to do with your real estate business? When it comes to locating property and giving clients an in-depth view of your home, you could gain a client before meeting with them.

For example, you can install different home views and add them to your website. These include 3-D, panorama, street view, and 360 virtual tours.

Study Your Competitors

You probably face competition with other real estate agents. Real estate agents in your local area are fighting to sell the same homes you are, so trying to out-sell your competitors can become exhausting.

To make sure you’re one-step ahead of your competitors, check on them regularly and see how they’re marketing themselves.

If you’re not using their same strategies, start using them. If you’re using their same strategies, try something different.

Competition makes any business thrive. But marketing yourself amongst competitors can be overwhelming. Try and utilize their strategies, but market yourself to remain unique.

Time to Strengthen Your Digital Marketing for Real Estate

If you want online results, you have to put in the time to handle marketing. Fortunately, marketing your real estate company is easier than ever.

Increasing brand awareness using free and paid tools while tracking leads will help you understand if what you’re doing is working or not. Don’t be afraid to find software or a helping hand — being a real estate agent is hard work as it is.

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